Monday, November 2, 2015

Growth Mindset Week 10

If I ran the school I would definitely make the focus on learning rather than exams. I would exaggerate the importance of learning something to the point where you can regurgitate everything you learn. Finding how I would do that is the tricky part. One thing most students find themselves doing is cramming right before an exam and they may do well on that exam. However, the problem lies whether that student has kept that knowledge and information stored or if it was dumped out because of the cramming. I feel like the best thing to do in this case is find a better way to teach and a better way to test rather than standardized test. I believe we can find a better way of testing the student for what he knows and how he understands things rather then have one standardized test that some people may be good at and others may not. Also an issue may be some professors that are teaching. In my experience as a science major I feel that a lot of professor are here for research and not teaching so that also plays a big role in education. If president Boren were to ask me to name one thing to improve education it would be to have professors that want and love to teach. If the teachers are not willing to teach very well then that defeats the purpose of growth mindset.

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